Talking Dirty with GDB and SSH Tunneling

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Ever debugged a program remotely and felt like telling your computer where to go and how to get there? Hopelessly adding calls to printf() and recompiling as a steady string of explectatives flow from your over-caffeinated brain waves. Fear... More

Lifestyle Routing

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Even with the best of maps and instruments, we can never fully chart our journeys. – Gail Pool The questions worth asking have not answers worth knowing, but rather they engender journeys worth taking. – Curt Brune This article... More

Das U-Boot: The Universal Boot Loader

Exciting new embedded Linux devices are appearing at an astonishing rate. From tiny 3 inch "Gumstix" boards to PDAs and smart-phones embedded Linux is everywhere. Installing and booting Linux on these wildly varying boards is quite a chore. Without... More

Behind The Scenes at The Embedded Systems Conference

Inside are the gems I discovered at this year's Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco, including current directions in embedded Linux development ... More

Existential Programming


A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
– Mark Twain More

Back To School – Part II

The first six months were rough -- so much new information. While most of the computing terms were familar so many electronics terms left me in the dark. I had heard of programming concepts like spin-lock, semaphore, ISR, inter-locked linked... More

Back To School – Part I

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When last we met back in January 2002 (almost one year a go), the accidental programmer decided it was time to get serious and really learn the trade of computer programming. To that end I wanted to program embedded systems... More

Crossover: WSDL to Gamma-Ray Telescopes

An accidental programmer takes a humbling journey as he attempts to crossover from high level web application programmer to bare iron coder � all the while looking for The Lost Art of Computer Programming. More

Accidental Programming

Did you wake up one day to find that you had become a computer programmer almost entirely by accident? See the intriguing article, The Lost Art of Computer Programming, written by an accidental programmer. More

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